Nursery of Naughtiness — Thug

If The Crystal Method got exceptionally silly, they might be something likeĀ Nursery of Naughtiness. This is Thug, from their new EP, Wreckless.

via exceptionalrecords:

Download from December 8th!

Nursery of Naughtiness are quickly developing into one of the most exciting electronic acts coming from the North of England, deftly mixing together a heady fusion of beats, electronics, live guitars, synths and chunky bass.

Taken from their new EP “Wreckless”, Thug finds the NoN restating their take-no-prisoners approach to making music.Video directed by David Ainley

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4 thoughts on “Nursery of Naughtiness — Thug

  1. This is perhaps the sorriest excuse for slow-motion gunfighting I have ever witnessed. These guys need to go watch that episode of "Spaced" a few more times. Good concept, though.

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