Liquid Sky: Me And My Rhythmbox

Me And My Rhythmbox, from the low-budget movie Liquid Sky.

Me … me and my … me and my … me and my rhythm box … me and my rhythm box … are you jealous fox? (folks?) are you jealous fox? … my rhythm box is sweet … never forgets the beat … it never eats … it never shits … it never sleeps … it only beats … it’s always high … so am I … do you wanna know why? … it … it is … preprogrammed … so what … so what … so what … who of your friends is not? … who of your friends is not? who’s not?

Liquid Sky is a strange movie about intergalactic sex aliens and coked out people in the 80’s.

It’s an interesting cult film and it features a unique synth-heavy soundtrack!

via poisondoor:

My favourite scene from my favourite movie – Liquid Sky. Adrian Sings in the club while Jimmy’s looking for the Drugs in Margaret’s room.

[Both roles played by Anne Carlisle!]


The producer of the film took full credit for everything they really did not do anything but put up the money. He and his wife ( who got the credit for the costumes) needed green cards and that was the way for them to get them.

Anne Carlisle ( wrote the entire script ) and Julia Morton were responsible for almost everything. Iit was Jjulia that brought in marcel and nanxy from cinandre, who did the hair and make up.

The star of this bizarre and violent film is Anne Carlisle, a fomer LaRocka model who has a screenwriting credit and plays the dual roles of New Wave fashion plates Margaret and Jimmy. ´ I had already experimented with changing gender,´ says Carlisle, perhaps the only woman in film annals to give herself a blow job, ´ dressing as a guy just as a provocative thing. Slava Tsukerman saw me going out in these costumes and thought that a UFO would find them attractive.´ To cinch the role, Carlisle dressed up as a boy and escorted Tsukerman to the New York club Danceteria – where she then proceeded toland a female date.

Anne Carlisle went onto minor parts in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) and Crocodile Dundee (1986) and played the lead in Larry Cohen’s Blind Alley/Perfect Strangers (1987), but has since vanished from sight, although she did apparently write a novelization for Liquid Sky. It is a genuine shame that Carlisle has never gone onto any other parts of any note as she certainly has talent. The idea of aliens coming to harvest humanity for the opiates in the brain was also borrowed for the entertaining action film Dark Angel/I Come in Peace (1990)..

9 thoughts on “Liquid Sky: Me And My Rhythmbox

  1. I will admit, plentiful recreational pharmaceuticals assist greatly in the appreciation of this film. At the very least, get very drunk (it will keep your eyes from bleeding). But it has a certain weird, '80s New York City vibe that gets infectious. It's like another planet.

  2. Yea I believe the lyric is "folks", not "fox". Fox doesn't make sense (listen to me, debating whether ANYTHING in that movie makes sense).

    Liquid Sky is among my favorite movies of all time – trashy and poorly done or not. The music is so coarse and raw. You can hear the badly-looped Fairlight (rented, ha) samples in many tracks. It just goes to show that great inspiration and execution doesn't have to involve high budgets or polished production.

    Let's not forget the great cover of "Me & My Rhythm Box" done a few years back by Adult..

  3. The song got stuck in my head for the whole week, I love it, it's crazy in that dopey way. Great to listen to that fairlight performing basic and low-end production.

  4. The soundtrack for this film is amazingly unique and such a huge part of the Liquid Sky experience. There’s nothing even similar to it in the annals of film score history.

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