The Top 10 Music Applications In The World


Digital Music Doctor has updated its chart of the top digital music apps, based on recent Internet search activity on Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN.

Here’s how they rank:

The Top 10 Music Applications

  1. DigiDesign Pro Tools (11.4)
  2. FL Studio (10.1)
  3. Steinberg Cubase (7.3)
  4. Cakewalk Sonar (6.0)
  5. Apple Logic (3.5)
  6. Adobe Audition (3.5)
  7. Apple GarageBand (3.1)
  8. Sony Sound Forge (2.3)
  9. Ableton Live (2.0)
  10. MOTU Digital Performer (1.9)

Do you think this is an accurate reflection of the most popular music applications in the world – or do you think it’s just a sign that you’re going to be seeing a lot more posts about Pro Tools at Synthtopia?

Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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17 thoughts on “The Top 10 Music Applications In The World

  1. Well, think about it. When do you search on something like your production environment?

    Okay, sure, you'll search on it when you're looking to buy… but that's once or twice a decade per person, right?

    So that leaves… support. …Doesn't it? Isn't this a better indication of which music apps require the most research to actually use?

    [shrug] As a mathematician once said, "there is a difference between data and information". What you have here is data. Not information.

  2. I know i search more for pro tools than anything else just ogle at $30,000 HD systems (I'm an LE user). Just my personal experience.

  3. with all the recent hype over Propellerhead's Record, it's interesting to see that Reason didn't even make the list. I personally know a LOT more reason users than MOTU DP users, but i guess that's anecdotal.

  4. One of my good friends has used DP exclusively for years. But he's the only one I know of, and even he would admit that it's becoming more of a rarity to see it in use. He seems to be gravitating towards Ableton.

    And the first commenter is exactly right. Without any type of context, raw search data like that doesn't tell you anything. You could also just gather that Pro Tools is simply the most recognizable brand. Not much of a revelation.

  5. Interesting.
    But people are just searing for info, this does not reflect use. I mean, it could be people looking for help with problems. no?

  6. This is just raw search data, so yea, i can see fl studio crushing ableton live in google searches. Seems like flstudio not only had a huge community but that community has a large footprint on the net. Ableton doesnt really have the huge cult following online that flstudio has.

    I'd be interested to see the same set of data updated in about 4 months. I'm interested to see if the hype around Record leads to more people looking up Reason.

    I'd also like to see location data included.. i have a feeling something like 1/3 of the searches for flstudio came from IPs in South America (I seem to recall hearing about flstudio being HUGE in Brazil.)

  7. As already stated, the title to this article is highly misleading and the cited data is only marginally interesting.

    For starters, it would be far more telling to know the context of the search (meaning, what other words were included, such as "support," "tutorials," "free loops," etc.) and which search results were chosen (one's leading to the parent company, support groups, training solutions, user communities, third-party plugin providers, etc.)

  8. I think anyone who knows how to put Pro Tools through its paces would automatically say, Pro Tools is the clear winner by far. Yes the other platforms do have advantages over Pro Tools in some aspects, for me and plenty of other people i know Pro Tools is the way to go if you strive for audio perfection rather than flashy knock-offs.
    Thats my 2 cents…..

  9. I make a living out of selling these programs and I have to troubleshoot Pro Tools problems every day (particularly in relation to compatibility). No other software causes more problems for users (except perhaps Cubase AI and the needlessly complicated installation process). I'm always googling the damn thing….

    1. Yes 051R15, Pro Tools is a pain. Worked with it in a lot recordingstudios. I prefer Nuendo! So much easier to use, no compatibility issues. But than the long time Apple vs PC controverse appears. Lets not debate on that subject. Their both equal is good, imo.

  10. Now do this chart for us bedroom/hobby producers.
    Than we will see a lot more FL, Live and even Ardour or something.
    Hell, i’d love a ProTools system, but can’t afford it. Who can?

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