8 thoughts on “Who Does This “Charmingly Hideous” Sculpture Remind You Of?

  1. I have it on good authority that this is an actual photo of BT before his handlers do the requisite elaborate coiffure, spa treatments and post-photo shoot photoshop work.

    But I know who you're really talking about.

  2. Go ahead and compare RJD to this clay moppet, it's the only grounds for criticism many of you also-rans and wannbees will ever stand upon regarding Mr. James. RDJ is an advanced version of the human, the rest of us are still in the B.C. trying to catch up. Once our brains have evolved to the RJD level, our faces may adjust as well. We may all look like this someday.
    But most of you will STILL make beats that suck !!!
    BTW-that clay critter may in fact be manufactured by RJD himself, you have no idea the number of creative pusuits an artist may embark upon using a plethora of nomme de plumes !!!

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