Macbeth M5X Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer


Ken MacBeth has announced a new semi-modular analog synthesizer, the MacBeth M5X:

The M5X is due for launch some 8 – 10 weeks from now. I’m awaiting parts being manufactured and coming into the UK.

The M5 and M5N have proved to be popular- and I have had many enquiries over the past while requesting information on how to get a unit.

The M5N is now discontinued, but a new version with some different features is now on the horizon. Since I have been developing the circuits for the X-Factor synth- which has spawned some modular development- I have decided to vamp up the M5N taking it, too, to a different level.

All circuits within are being redesigned to the X-Series level that have been talked about elsewhere on this forum. For me, it’s an exciting challenge and I can’t wait for the result.

There are still a crew out there who want the semi-modular approach, normalised jack sockets and all…so keep looking. I hope to conclude a design for the 3U guys too…

No specs are up, yet, on the MacBeth site.

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