Daft Punk Lounge Piano Medley

This Daft Punk Piano Medley, by the Napkin Holder, may drive you to ritual hari kari if you don’t like light lounge piano covers of French electro pop – so consider yourself warned.

via theNapkinHolder:

Harder, Better Faster Stronger,
Da Funk(1:10)
Human After All(1:50)
Robot Rock(2:35)
One More Time(2:53)
Digital Love(4:41)
Television Rules the Nation(6:06)
Around the World(6:38)

4 thoughts on “Daft Punk Lounge Piano Medley

  1. I HEART piano medleys of electronic works. This made me smile. Of course it did. The "Aerodynamic" part was a delight.

    Some of the transitions I gelled with, because they're similar to what I would've done myself in that situation.

    The recording quality is surprisingly clear, good micing.

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