Moog: Dance Music Applications Of Rhythmic Filter Modulation

This video’s title, Moog: Dance Music Applications of Rhythmic Filter Modulation, makes it sound like it’s part of somebody’s dissertation – but it’s really an official demo video from Moog Music:

The MF-101 Low Pass Filter’s ENV OUT Control Voltage makes a number of amazing Rhythmic Modulation techniques possible. This video shows some of these applications in a Dance Music setting. This technique is not limited to Dance Music. The applications are as endless as your imagination.

via MoogMusicInc:

7 thoughts on “Moog: Dance Music Applications Of Rhythmic Filter Modulation

  1. Is there a way to do this inside of Reason 4? I can't quite get it to work. I've tried sending the Gate out (closest thing I could find to CV) of the ReDrum device into the filter 1 Freq of the Thor, but to no avail.

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