Free iPhone Synthesizer


NLog Free Synth (App Store link) is a free iPhone synthesizers, based on the NLog Sound Engine.


  • 32 factory sounds, plus 7 bonus sounds
  • Sound playback using NLog Sound Engine.
  • Editing by 4 selectable performance parameter


Substractive sound algorithm with classic analog waveforms. Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality with internal high performance realtime floating point engine. Real POLYPHONIC synth.

Sound generator features:

  • 2 Oscilators with classic sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waveforms as well as 5 additional complex artificial waveforms
  • True pulsewidth modulation, frequency modulation and ring modulation
  • Noise generator
  • Filter with cutoff and resonance control
  • 3 Envelope generators
  • 2 LFOs each including delay and sample & hold
  • Rich set of modulation parameter
  • Stereo delay with cross-feed
  • chorus
  • distortion
  • 32 factory sounds plus 7 bonus sounds


  • sliding octave control
  • dynamic velocity from vertical position
  • optional after touch modulation

If you’ve used NLog Free Synth, leave a comment with your thoughts!

ATTENTION: Keep care of resonance, feedback, ultra low and high frequencies when working with headphones or strong amplification.

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