New iPhone App Offers A Unique Approach To Making Music

iphone-elementalsJoshua Remy has introduced a new $.99 iPhone app, Elementals (App Store link) that offers a unique interface for making music.

The concept of Elementals is to provide a simple user interface to create music by placing and swapping icons, called Elementals, on sections of the iPhone screen, called Islands.

The audio generated is a combination of the Elemental providing the audio sample and the Island shaping how the audio is played. You can change the music by moving the Elementals, swapping Elementals, gently shaking the device, and recording your own audio to a Elemental.

You can view a video demo of Elementals in action at Remy’s site.

Elementals Features:

  • Customize your own music using unique samples
  • Choose an Elementals audio while playing music
  • Simple interaction produces interesting music
  • Utilize shake gesture to easily mix or start music
  • Adjust volume per island/sample
  • Record your own audio tracks, up to 7 tracks available
  • Add delay to recorded audio

At $.99, it’s an interesting music app that costs about what you’d pay to download a song.

If you give Elementals a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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