2 thoughts on “Reason: WAV sample slicing tutorial with NN-XT

  1. thanks for the vid. one question: When adjusting the start/stop points for a particular zone, I find that the knob by itself doesn't offer a great deal of sensitivity, but the Shift+click option for fine tuning shoots waaaaaay down to drastically smaller increments, and it takes forever to keep turning the knob in order to find just the right spot. I wonder if there is any way of getting an 'in-between' rate of change, or are these the only two options for adjusting the start/stop points? In case I haven't been clear, the smallest increment of percent change I can get with the knob by itself is 0.4%, but with the Shift+click technique it takes numerous full turns of the knob just to achieve a 0.1% change. I would love to easily do like 0.2% or 0.3% changes. That's basically what I'm asking for. Thanks again for the great vid.

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