Analogue Systems rs360 As A Resonator

Analogue Systems rs360 as a Resonator

via bigcitymusic:

The A.S. rs360 Vocal/Phase filter is an awesome sounding three-band resonant filter module. Each filter has 1v/oct CV input and there’s a master frequency control with an additional CV input and attenuator.

You can use this bank of filters as an equalizer, to get great vocal and formant sounds, or as a resonator (and a lot more actually!). We’re running some drum sounds into the filter inputs as well as controlling the “pitches” of each band via a MIDI to CV converter. This module is a lot of fun. We’ve tuned the filters to different intervals which makes it a bit more interesting. The rs360 can be used as an oscillator to great effect on it’s own too! We turn the dry sound of the drums up at the end.

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