Din 34 Live Ambient Composition

Sunday Synth Jam: Din 34, a live ambient composition, comes via kipptumor:

All of the MIDI gadgets plus the modular system were pre-“programmed’ and I merely faded/mixed the various elements in.

Din 34 is the first piece in the Din series that was created this way. the other 33 (that’s right – I’ve got a lot of time to kill) were all created track by track using Acid Music Studio.

I had to chop a portion out towards the end so that it would fit on youtube here.

The gadgets used were: EMU MoPhat & Xtreme Lead Rack synths, Roland V Synth XT Rack, Future Retro Revolution sequencer/monosynth, Korg Electribe, Synthesizers.com Studio 44 cabinet with analog sequencer, Novation Supernova Rack synth, Alesis Micron, & Dave Smith Evolver. The filtered cigarette is a fine blend of Drum tobacco, Gambler (mostly for filler), and some vanilla pipe tobacco that I roll while I watch PBS and the news.

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