Peter Zinovieff And Electronic Music Studios

This video takes a look at UK electronic music pioneer Peter Zinovieff and Electronic Music Studios (EMS).

via JeffreyPlaide:

Peter Zinovieff’s pioneering work into the fields of electronic music production and research led to many innovative electronic music instrument developments that were outstanding for the time. Peter was fascinated by electronic music and used his financial resources to develop a huge voltage-controlled studio that occupied an entire room in his home premises

There was a time when EMS (Electronic Music Studios) stood as equal to Moog and Arp.

In many ways, EMS was more advanced with several pioneering ideas being investigated. Peter used two PDP8 minicomputers in the late 1960s to control the voltage-controlled analogue modules for research into electronic music exploration. Twenty years before affordable computing and sequencing packages, Zinovieff’s computers could store and replay compositions, complete with sound shaping parameters even inventing a form of spectral or additive synthesis.

Excerpts are edited from the television documentaries “What the Future Sounded Like” and “The New Sound of Music” featuring the first public performance of music by a computer in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1967.

The spirit of EMS continues, and Peter’s synthesizer innovations like the VCS3 and Synthi 100 have become outstanding analogue classics.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this – I didn't know much about EMS other than they made the Synthi.

    Were the 70's synth manufacturers cursed or something? It seems like none of them were successful.

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