The Zoybar Modular String Instrument

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The Zoybar is an open platform modular instrument system designed to make rapid string instrument development possible.

As modular synthesizers are to the world of synths, the Zoybar is to guitars.

The Zoybar Hardware components are modular and are not a specific instrument.

The profile length (on which you mount the Zoybar components) is 100 cm long. You can change among others: the scale, the action, the amount of pickups and pickup types and also the amount of tuning keys and the tuning keys type – bass/regular guitar.

You could also design a new body or a neck and attach them to the profile with common bolts and nuts.

Here’s some of the reasoning behind the Zoybar system:

Today DIY hardware innovation is still a fragmented process. You need to start over every time. The collaborative level is more of a reaction rather than interaction. There is no thought in open hardware over recycling and reusing the parts and materials after the mod or hack was made. That is mainly because of the way hardware is designed by the manufacturers.

Open hardware needs similar platforms that would enable its users to shorten the creative process and the energy costs. Continuity of creativity needs to be at the core of this innovation model, with the ability to duplicate or extract hardware functions as part of the creative process. A low maintenance hardware platform that can accept different plug and play applications and upgrades.

The Kaoss Pad Zoybar guitar is embedded above. More examples of instruments built on the Zoybar platform below.

Tesla Coil Lightning Guitar

Contra Bass Zoybar with Mini Kaoss Pad

Find more videos like this on Zoybar

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