Ellatron Remote Visualizer Adds Psychedelic Visuals To iPhone Mellotron

[flickrvideo]http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3549272108/[/flickrvideo]

Saturday Synth Porn Video: Here is a first look at the new Ellatron Remote Visualizer, which is a new add-on for Ellatron 1.4 that runs exclusively on the Mac, and is currently in development.

Ellatron Remote Visualizer connects over WiFi to Ellatron 1.4 (and above), duplicates Ellatron’s display on the Mac, and adds customizable, swirly, groovy, hyper-psychedelic backgrounds for that authentic Pink Floyd UFO Club oil wheel experience.

Ellatron can be connected to a guitar radio transmitter for audio and to Ellatron Remote Visualizer over WiFi for video.

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