8 thoughts on “Vintage Yamaha V50 Synthesizer Demo

  1. I love my V50! It is built like a war tank to last forever and has many fantastic layered sounds that still have a place among the millions of synth plugins. After all these years (and a battery change) it performs great. I think i'll never sell it.

    1. How do you change the battery? I’m trying to get mine back in shape and “change int battery” is coming across the screen.

  2. I bought mine about 2 years ago for $50 due to a broken Key and a dead battery. Mark Moore Audio repaired the key and placed a battery holder in the unit. I don’t care about sequencing, I’m using it as a Lead Synth along with My Yamaha p-90, Kawai K1, Roland XP-10. it’s a nice clean synth for $50

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