DIY Touch Screen Controller For Music

This video is a demo on how to install and use a touch screen kit with Usine.

Usine is patch oriented sound software, where you can add modules or VST plug-ins and connect them without restriction. The main goal of Usine is to provide a real time analysis of an input signal and let you interact with it and change plug-in parameters to modify the sound.

via tikitpok4Usine.

One thought on “DIY Touch Screen Controller For Music

  1. Most professional keyboard players don’t believe a touch screen 61 note midi music keyboard
    can be played just like a regular keyboard. Taping on a solid surface would be impossible just
    like the non-weighted keyboards that no professional would play on stage.
    The transformation of moving to non moving keys is easier than most think, I made the transformation
    and have the key for everyone else.
    MidiMan performing Studio/Stage here the music
    )all songs are one pass internal mix)

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