Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy

Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy may be just about the juiciest slice of quirky retronica goodness that we’ve ever served up at Synthtopia.

This VBS.tv Motherboard video profiles Ralph Lundsten, a Swedish composer of electronic music, film director, artist and author:

Raised in a tiny town north of the arctic circle, Ralph was composing quasi-religious ambient space jams on his homemade analog synths back when Kraftwerk’s ancestors were still banging on bongos. These days he lives in a castle outside of Stockholm that houses all the experimental instruments he’s invented over the years (including the DIMI-S, or “Sexaphone,” which produces tones based on how you feel) as well as Andromeda, his space-age recording studio which looks like the control room for planet earth. It’s also its very own micro-nation, which is like a regular nation but cuter! (And less internationally recognized!)

In this edition of Motherboard, VBS get our passports stamped at the Andromeda Galaxy Embassy and are welcomed into Ralph’s little personal country.

Don’t miss parts 2 & 3 of this trip to Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy, below, or you’ll miss out on the Sexophone!

Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy Part 2

Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy Part 2

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8 thoughts on “Ralph Lundsten’s Andromeda Galaxy

  1. This was a very interesting Video….I really liked the Spacey house..I have to agree that Ralph Lundsten is music pioneer..the name of this video reminds me of my latest Space music album which is titled 'Voyage To Andromeda'

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