Funky Drummer Loop Visualized As Infinite

Image: Ethan Hein

Saturday Synth Porn: This is a visual representation of how you hear a looped sample, in this case, one of the most popular drum loops of all time.

Based on a screenshot of the break in Recycle. The big shapes at three and nine o’clock are the snare drum hits on the backbeats. Check out a blog post on the natural history of the Funky Drummer break.

Read clockwise.

via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

5 thoughts on “Funky Drummer Loop Visualized As Infinite

  1. That should be overlaid on a record! (Which would obviously play "funky drummer" ad infinitum.)

    Wouldn't mind seeing a waveform on the brim of my hat, either.

  2. It's not that infinite. 🙂

    I bet if I came back here ten thousand years from now I wouldn't be able to find a shred of that graph anywhere but that damned beat would still be playing in my head while I was looking. Imagine that!

    Sorry. I just always wanted to say, "it's not that infinate".

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