Orbital’s Live Setup


Orbital has posted a collection of images documenting their live setup:

It’s week’s away and Paul has sent through some images from the currentl live hardware setup.

Paul said “These pictures are of our current working live set some bits will change but it is the basis of what we are bringing on the road, all synths are analogue , using live for a sequencer and sampler… “.

It’s a trainspotters dream.

These are the dates that Orbital has announced:

  • Brighton Dome (June 10th)
  • Leeds Academy (June 11th)
  • Global Gathering – (July 24th/25th)
  • The Big Chill – (August 8th)
  • Get Loaded in the Park – (August 30th)
  • Manchester Academy (September 18th)
  • Manchester Academy (September 19th)
  • Newcastle Academy (September 21st)
  • Sheffield Academy (September 23rd)
  • London Brixton Academy (September 24th)
  • London Brixton Academy (September 25th

See their site for details.

7 thoughts on “Orbital’s Live Setup

  1. Exciting, exciting. I heart the brothers Hartnoll and the many melodic masterworks they've brought to us. I admire how they've triumphed despite their unconventionality — and as I recall, they were pioneers in wearing lit head goggles.

    Am surprised they're not using more soft synths live, but then again, they got a lot of use out of the Alesis MMT-8 way past its due.

  2. Well wanted to just say .. Superb! was at Brighton last night to see them and what a set up. What a train spotter i was trying to make out what they were using…….now i can see. thansk for the gig…

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