Chaordic Synth Jam

JeffreyPlaide‘s Non Objective Variable Noesis is an exercise in random and improvised structures:

This musical piece explores alternate textures and combinations.

Using the TS-404 software synthesizer, various short improvised melody lines were created with multiple step sequences and doubled with stereo echo, flanging and chorus effects. The improvised simple lines were looped to produce combinational polyrhythms.

The bassline was created on a Korg R3 synthesizer. The composition concludes with randomised textures and heavy reverberation ending with a slowed down version of the original melody. The piece is to be appreciated on an intellectual level as the direction of the music is based on structure rather than harmony, creating unusual rhythms.

The visuals are from a variety of expressive television sources superimposed together with colour channel mixing effects to create a psychedelic effect. Overlayed with this are modulated geometric animations to create visual rhythms.

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