Ableton Live 8 + APC40 + Remote SL Controllerism

This is another very nice Ableton Live tutorial from Mark Mosher, this time looking at Ableton Live 8 + APC40 + Remote SL controllerism:

This video is a step-by-step tutorial describing Ableton Live 8’s new custom parameter mapping methodology. The video illustrates how to map select parameters from VST plug-ins into devices and then control these parameters via the Novation Remote SL and the new Akai APC40.

The video also discusses how to add and access more than 8 parameters. Lastly, the video covers use of instrument racks and macro controls to map parameters from multiple devices to an 8 knob group.

You can get more of Mark’s thoughts on Ableton Live by subscribing to MarkMosher on Twitter.

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