Mutant Synth Pack Channels Iconic Synths

Today Sonic Faction debuted their new Mutant Synth Pack, a collection of classic synthesizers for Ableton Live. The pack features meticulously sampled iconic synths, reactivated from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The bundle includes new 3 instruments: The Clone, based on the classic Roland SH-101 Puls8or, sampled from the notorious Waldorf Pulse+ and Rouge-One, modeled… Read More Mutant Synth Pack Channels Iconic Synths

The Beatdown Step Sequencer For Akai APC40

Sonic Faction has introduced The Beatdown & The Beatdown Step Sequencer for the Akai APC40 and Ableton Live. This custom device comes with the Beatdown library and lets you program beats and note velocities,while saving and recalling patterns in realtime. It also features realtime looping, FX and groove manipulation for killer live performances.

The City Is London – Live Projection Mapping Mashup Just in time for the London Olympics, Chris Evans-Roberts (Ithaca Audio) sent word of this impressive live projection mapping multimedia mashup. “Today we released our new London themed projection mapping mashup,” says Evans-Roberts. “We used Ableton Live with Max for Live, and Akai APC40, Resolume Arena, MadMapper, two projectors and three laptops for the performance.”… Read More The City Is London – Live Projection Mapping Mashup