MFOS Intros Sound Lab Ultimate DIY Modular Synthesizer

Ray Wilson’s Music From Outer Space has introduced the Sound Lab Ultimate, an advanced three-vco monosynth.


If you’ve always wanted to build your own analog electronic music synthesizer, the MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate may well be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate is a completely new single board mono-synth from MFOS with the sickest set of features you’ll find on one PC board:

  • Three Musically Accurate VCOs (sawtooth and variable width rectangular wave forms, pulse width modulation, hard-sync, log and linear CV inputs)
  • VCOs provide plenty of tracking range. Listen to the samples below.
  • White Noise Generator
  • Active Mixer (for VCOs, noise and external input)
  • Voltage Controlled LP Filter (12db/Oct doubles as a sine wave oscillator)
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (log response)
  • Attack Release Envelope Generator
  • Two Low Frequency Oscillators (square, ramp, tri and sawtooth waveforms)
  • Repeat Gate Generator (doubles as another square wave LFO)
  • Sample & Hold (with variable sample rate and glide)
  • Attenuator Bank (for an infinite variety of modulation patches)
  • Patch Panel Design (provides infinitely variable combinations of sounds)
  • Professionally machined panels and PC Boards available from MFOS
  • Sound Lab ULTIMATE “Expander” already on the drawing board.

You can preview the sound of the Sound Lab Ultimate below. More details and demos are available at the MFOS stie.

4 thoughts on “MFOS Intros Sound Lab Ultimate DIY Modular Synthesizer

  1. so, do you guys think this is worth buying?

    like, the ultimate pack with all the shit
    is that enough to build this synth up?
    would my novice soldering skills be enough to build this cool synth?

  2. I'm building one right now too. Pretty challenging but I'm taking it really slow. Really, I'm just getting started on it. I've done quite a few guitar stompboxes, but never a synth. I'm hoping it won't require too much troubleshooting, or that if it does there's a happy ending! Here's a blog showing my progress.

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