Random Chimes Of The Continent

Random Chimes of the Continent

via JeffreyPlaide:

This musical composition uses arpeggiated sequences from the Korg R3 synthesizer combined to produce a rhythmic, yet ambient experimentation. Arpeggiated sequences were cascaded with surreal synthesizer analogue pads creating sonic textures that form a tonal backdrop to carry away the listener to another time and space.

High resonating filter frequencies combine with the bass tones for a very full stereo effect richly endowed with reverb. The visuals for the music are pure video synthesis, using electronically-generated shapes and modulations built up layer upon layer forming modulating optical rhythms. It is the closest one can come to analogue video synthesis using the resources of vision mixing and linear modulation techniques.

The work exists as an audiovisual experience, with the music and images forming a pulsating, unifying composite. Both hypnotic and meditative, several aural and visual combinations are used to bring about an interesting immersive experience.

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