The Casio SK-10 Sampling Keyboard

This is a demo of the funky Casio SK-10 sampler/synthesizer, by Liz Luttinger.

The SK-10 offers 1.4 seconds of 8-bit sampling goodness, along with some eightiestastic drum beats and synth tones.

If you’ve used the Casio SK-10, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Casio SK-10 Features:

  • 9.38 kHz sampling frequency
  • 8 bit
  • 1.4 seconds of sampling
  • holds one sample
  • 32 mini keys
  • 13 envelope shapes
  • portamento
  • vibrato
  • 11 drum patterns: disco, rock, pops, march, samba, bossa nova, rhumba, 4 beat, swing, slow rock, waltz
  • additive synth section.
  • 5 PCM tones: piano, brass ensemble, trumpet, synth drums, human voice
  • 3 synth tones: flute, pipe organ, jazz organ
  • Sequencer: 400 steps of polyphonic programming or 99 step chord sequence with and 198 steps each of two solo voices.
  • Loses all sequence and sample memory when turned off.

Casio SK-10 Resources:

8 thoughts on “The Casio SK-10 Sampling Keyboard

    1. Oh wow, I remember having one of these as a kid, it was crazy fun to play with. We just couldn’t get enough of sampling fart noise’s into it and then playing the preset songs back with a lead fart instead of a regular instrument lol

  1. I found one in a thrift shop for $12.99 US. It looks new like maybe a reproduction? Had a Japanese sticker on it that looked like some hipster thing. Sounds great though. Helps me ease my inner pain of selling an SK1 back in the day. No portamento though.

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