Ambient Music Video Hits 250,000 Views On YouTube

This is sort of amazing – Mat Jarvis (Gas) has announced that a fan video for his track Microscopic has just reached the quarter million barrier on YouTube, with 250,000 full views.

That’s amazing for an ambient music video, but even more so since it’s fan-produced.

Check out the track below and see the Microscopics site if you want to get the full album.

5 thoughts on “Ambient Music Video Hits 250,000 Views On YouTube

  1. Yeah, this is just swapping out the score for an extremely famous film, well known by virtually everybody in the creative industries. It's hardly surprising that it got a quarter million views, and it probably has little to do with Mat. Much respect to him, though; he is an excellent musician, and I don't mean to slight him in any way.

  2. Who gets credited for what aside, I just thought it was worth saying: Microscopic has become one of my favourite all-time tracks, thanks to first hearing it here on Synthtopia a few months ago.

    Seriously one of the nicest electronic pieces of music yet written. Takes it's time, has *great*sounds*, and a very, very catchy theme.

    * What was used to create this track? To my ears, it sounds like a Moog Modular, but could be any number of similar boxen…

  3. Great synergy that was unplanned by Eames or Jarvis.

    We should all be so lucky to have a fan make a mashup like this, don't you think?

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