TonePad Pro Lets You Get Your Friends Hooked On Musical Crack

tonepad-proWhen LoftLab introduced the TonePad matrix synthesizer for the iPhone, we said it was a bit like musical crack.

You start the app, you press the sexy buttons and the matrix synthesizer serves up immediate gratification, lighting up and making the pretty sounds.

Now that they’ve got people hooked, though, LoftLab has introduced TonePad Pro (App Store link).

TonePad Pro makes this more addictive than ever, because it lets you make TonePad ringtones and share them with your friends… you can get them hooked on musical crack, too.

Sounds like a business plan to me.

Check out the free version (App Store link), and if you give TonePad Pro a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!


TonePad Pro is recommended for users who want to play the following instruments and make beautiful music instantly without the steep learning curve: piano, drums, guitar, accordian, banjo, bongo, cello, clarinet, erhu, flute, harmonica, harp, mandolin, recorder, santoor, saxophone, sitar, tamburin, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin, xylophone or ocarina.

TonePad Pro features a clean minimalist user interface with a full 16×16 matrix. The sound quality remains excellent regardless of how many notes are playing at the same time. You can save an unlimited number of songs. The current song is also saved automatically on exit.

The Pro version is all the goodness of TonePad with the added ability to create custom ringtones. Email the ringtone to yourself or a friend. Add the attached ringtone file into your iTunes library on your computer and sync with your iPhone. The ringtone will then be selectable on the iPhone via Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

You can also import your saved songs from TonePad 1.11.

Sharing your musical creations couldn’t be simpler. You simply press the Upload button and give your friend the song code. Your friend then downloads the song directly into TonePad Pro by pressing the Download button and entering that code.

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