6 thoughts on “Squarepushin On The Akai APC40 With Ableton Live

  1. Hahahaha! Amazing. Love it. APC is going to change the sound of electronic music. The moves this guy is making in this video on the APC's pads would have taken hours (if not days) to program into a pattern sequencer.

    Mikey T
    tunajuice.com baby

  2. That's probably the worst excuse to use the word "squarepushin".It's more like "chaotic fingering with a crappy loop in the background". 😀

  3. so verry true i posted a comment on the video but yea i mean what hes doing takes no thought out planning or real skill i mean any person could just push random buttons and it would sound the same or as you said hamsters, it seems like people want to be more of a perfromance deal then even good at making music kinda like deadmau5 the guy is a joke but he put on a interesting frount for his music so people think its complex or what have you when in the end the music hes making hamsters could prob make as well.

  4. I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this blog. Keep up the great work.

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