Yamaha S70XS, S90XS Keyboard Synthesizers

LIMS 2009: Yamaha introduced two new synthesizers, the Yamaha S70XS and S90XS keyboards, with 76 & 88 keys.


  • The sounds of the Motif XS plus a huge new S6 handcrafted grand piano sample
  • 76/88 note Yamaha Balanced Hammer weighted action
  • Performance Creator for instant splits, layers and drum performances
  • 4 knobs, 16 backlit LEDs and tons of buttons for direct hands on control
  • 1/4”/XLR Combo jack A/D input (with front panel controls) for adding vocals and guitars
  • Direct to USB Stereo Audio record/ playback (plus 18 minutes of internal flash memory)

The Yamaha S series is scheduled to ship in August 2009, with MSRP list prices of $3,699 for the S70XS and $3,799 for the S90XS.

Check out the MusicRadar video overview from LIMS, above. Details below.

If you’ve had a chance to try out the new Yamaha S70XS and S90XS keyboard synthesizers, leave a comment!


The Yamaha S70XS/S90XS Keyboard Synthesizer is a highly specified and high performance instrument offering huge versatility and a rich feature set for serious live keyboard players.

The keyboard is fitted with a huge 456 MB of onboard wave memory.

The synth also comes with an audio recording and playback feature. CD-quality audio data can easily be recorded to the internal flash memory or to external USB storage devices allowing players to instantly capture not only everything played on the keyboard, but also audio sources connected to the 1/4”/XLR Combo jack input with front panel controls. By using the internal virtual modeling effects section its even possible to apply the highest quality compression, reverb and effects to the mic input to help capture the live performance but enhanced with studio quality effects processing. There is even a full-featured vocoder onboard.

The Yamaha S70XS/S90XS also integrates nicely with the computer.

With internal templates for editing softsynths and with hardware control of the host DAW plus a VST3 editor allowing the S90XS to appear and be controlled as VST instruments, the new synths can also become the backbone of a computer-based composition environment.

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  1. Thats exactly what Yamaha did with the DX7 back in 83 too! They definitely limited stock to America thus spawning a huge Grey market at the time. Although they can play that card once too many times = Osborne Principle!!!!

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