3 thoughts on “2 Boys Making Some Noise

  1. Interesting, I was planning to put my money back to buy the italian analog emulation of the moog modular system…but I give this project up…I definitively don't want to look like a 3 yo children. Damn what a shame.

  2. Man, you got it backwards!
    It's a glorious moment. These guys may be hooked for life thanks to a few hour's relaxed playing with good gear. The orange tee tot is really getting it, tweaking 'em knobs.

    If someone *playing* the synth turns you off you're missing the point. Those who were still able to *play* around as adults created the entire soundscape and the tools that make up the universe of synths we know today!

  3. The worst in this video is that the toy is not the synth. The toys are the children. Maybe the parents have enough money for those kind of 'entertainment'.
    When parents are taking their children as 'toys', ( I mean toy = 'object for their own entertainment' ), it's a real problem.

    Anyway, of course I'm jalous because I want the modular synth. ^^
    But as a cyber tramp I can say what I want…

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