9 thoughts on “Can Anyone Explain This Photo?

  1. yo that looks like a sweet midi keyboard and some crazy gas-mask vocal FX going down at the green lanterns house!

  2. It's called using a "mechanical filter" on the microphone. Basically it creates funky phasing/reflections/EQ-funk-u-lizing to the sound before it hits the mic. I think Mike Patton does this live or used to… can't really remember. Had a roommate who talked about it a lot. I think its also something some drummers do so they can sing and thrash at the same time. which sounds awesome.

  3. Sanjay is right its like talking into a pipe, you get some interesting reverb from this. Who knows what kind of post processing is being done, but I would run it through a vocoder after.

  4. I would love to hear what that sounds like – and how useful it might be with the addition of other effects on top. Nevermind the Jerry Springer game.

    Ectomorph used to use a toy megaphone (little plastic thing) spoken into a mic for a (similar?) effect. Aux88 used headphones as a mic for effect. And then there's that whole mic-stand Bon Jovi thing…

    I guess what I like about this stuff is that it's abstract and creative – always reaching in new ways to make something sound unique.

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