Share Your Music With Synthtopia Readers!

We’ve been looking for a good way for Synthtopia readers to share their music with other readers. If you’re an electronic musician or a label, we want to help people find out about you and your music. If you’re an electronic music fan, we want to help you find out about a lot of great electronic music.

We’ve published multiple posts highlighting the music of Synthtopia readers in the past – but now SoundCloud has added a new “Group” feature that should make this even easier.

We’ve created a SoundCloud group for Synthtopia that lets anyone add tracks to share and lets anyone download them. Here are the most recently added tracks:


Thanks to everybody that’s added a track so far!

Got tracks to share? Here’s a music dropbox link so that you can add your tracks to the Synthtopia group list:

Send us your track

Give this a try and let us know what you think. If you and other readers like this approach, we’ll find a permanent place for this on Synthtopia.

And let us know if you’ve got other suggestions on how we can help electronic music fans connect with electronic music artists!

DJ Dog image: jmatthew3

9 thoughts on “Share Your Music With Synthtopia Readers!

  1. Just posted a track, I read the blog everyday!. mic & ike from brooklyn, NY..the tracks name is Coffree, check it out guys!. If you want to listen to some more pick up my album on itunes, "intergalactique".

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