Richie Hawtin Using SoundCloud To Find New Music


Music sharing site SoundCloud reports that Richie Hawtin is now using a SoundCloud DropBox to receive DJ promos for himself and artist demos for his label Minus.

“If you’re a DJ, label or journalist, make things easy for yourself and the people sending you tracks… start using your DropBox today,” adds SoundCloud’s David Trattnig.

Are you using SoundCloud or another music sharing site?

Image: Caesar Sebastian

One thought on “Richie Hawtin Using SoundCloud To Find New Music

  1. Richie Hawtin, I am a dj and I need a record label to be with, just came across you and I believe with you my dj career will b a blast, although I neva learned from anybody but I belive with you being my teacher I will be the best.please see into my request as I will be waiting for your reply.Thank you

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