Sound Scope Space iPhone Synth

The Strange Agency is turning into one of the most interesting developers of music apps for the iPhone.

We’ve previously featured their app Curtis – a $1 iPhone granular synthesizer. The video above previews a new Strange Agency app, Sound Scope Space.


Part oscilloscope and part theremin. Part music and part science. Part instrument and part trip toy. Instead of simply displaying a waveform, Sound Scope lets you interactively sculpt sound by shaping sound waves with its unique touch interface!

Play it like an instrument, simply pinching with two fingers. You get full volume control, and the pitch spans an enormous range, from the deepest bass to an ear-piercing screech. Try for vibrato and tremolo effects with a little finger wiggle!

5 thoughts on “Sound Scope Space iPhone Synth

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  2. But I don't have one of those either, Gordon. And the iPhone has a phone!

    Missus MirlitronOne has just downloaded the expensive "Air" version onto her iPhone. It's fun, but not as good as the demo video.

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