Amazing Steampunk Synthesizer


Have you ever seen a synth as beautiful as this amazing steampunk modular synthesizer?

The level of detail and craftsmanship is just amazing!


Here are the details on this synth. They come via, so the info is in German:

Christian Günther, der für die Elektronik verantwortlich ist haben wir nach c.a. zwei jähriger Bauzeit die “Schaltzentale gebaut, mit der das Heckeshorn nun mit Hilfe eines Sequenzers, das noch über weitere Funktionen verfügt (Ringmodulator, Voltage Control, sowie eine recht komplexe Rythmuszentrale) fernsteuerbar ist. Klingt tierisch gut die Kiste. Die Grund Idee sowie das Gehäuse stammen von mir. Alle Teile wie die Knöpfe + Griffe wurden an der Drehbank von Hand gefertigt. Gleiches gilt für die Front Platte. Sie wurde von Hand beschriftet, verziert und geätzt. die Rückwand ziert eine Qualle die einer Opium Pfeife entschwebt. Die Verschalung habe ich aus einer sehr alten Birnbaum Bohle geschnitten + verleimt. Der Voltmeter, und die Klingel (08.01.1901) sind Antiquitäten. Es gibt auch Bilder, die man sich auf meiner my space Seite ansehen kann. Und wer Lust hat kann sie auch live gemeinsam mit dem Equipment von C.G. erleben. Wir treten am 29. + 30.07.2009 im Studio der Neubauten, auf. Am 08.08.2009 dann im Haus Schwarzenberg / Escescloraque. Bespielt werden sollen mehrere Bühnen gleichzeitig, alles soll mit Studio +Video Technik miteinander verbunden sein, Man darf gespannt sein. Soeben erschienen auf dem Londoner Art Yard Lable “Berliner Ring” Orbital, siehe Spex Ausgabe Juli / August 2009. Ahoi… mo

If you can translate the German, leave a comment below. More images at

Amazing work, isn’t it?

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  1. just threw it into a web based translator at leasty i tired here it is
    Christian Günther, which is responsible for electronics has we after c.a. two year old construction period the “Schaltzentale built, with that the hedge horn now with the help of a sequencer, which has still further functions (ring modulator, VOL days control, as well as a quite complex Rythmuszentrale) is remote controlable. The crate sounds animal good. The reason of idea as well as the housing come from me. All parts like the buttons + grasps were manufactured by hand at the turning lathe. Same is valid for the front plate. It was marked by hand, verziert and corroded. the rear wall makes a fuss a Qualle opium a whistle entschwebt. I glued the boarding from very old pear tree a plank cut +. The voltmeter, and the bell (08.01.1901) are antiques.

  2. There are also pictures, which one can regard on mine my space side. And who has desire can it also live together with the equipment of C.G. experience. We step to 29. + 30.07.2009 in the studio of the new buildings, up. At 08.08.2009 then in the house the Schwarzenberg/Escescloraque. To be taped are several stages at the same time, everything should with studio +Video technology be connected, one may be strained. Just now published on the Londoner kind yard Lable “citizen of Berlin ring” orbital, see Spex edition July/August 2009. Ahoi… mo

  3. Translated from German by me:

    Written by a guy called Moritz Wolpert. He says:

    "Christian Günther, who was in charge of electronics, and I have taken about 2 years to build the "Schaltzentrale" ('Central Switchboard') which now completes the "Heckeshorn" (Wolpert's first synth) with a sequencer as well as a few other goodies (a ring modulator, Voltage Control, and a pretty complex rhtyhm machine) and is able to control the whole thing. Sounds frigging amazing, this box! I came up with the initial idea and the casing. All parts, like the knobs and handles etc were handmade on a lathe. Same goes for the front plate, which was hand-engraved, -decorated and -etched. The back plate is adorned with a jellyfish that is coming out of an opium pipe.

    I carved the encasing out of a very old pear tree burl and glued it together. The voltmeter and the bell are actually antiques (08.01.1901). There are some pics you can check out on my website."

    the rest is just about upcoming gigs etc. Pretty nice!

  4. Christian Gunther, who is responsible for the electronics we have to ca built two years of construction, the "Schaltzentale with which the Heckeshorn is now using a sequencer, which still has more features (ring modulator, control voltage, and a rather complex Rythmuszentrale)-controllable. Sounds beastly good the box. The basic idea and the housing come from me. All parts such as buttons + handles were made on a lathe by hand. The same goes for the front panel. It was labeled decorated by hand, and etched. decorates the back wall of a jellyfish to an opium pipe soars. The casing I have from a very old pear-cut plank glued +. The voltmeter, and the bell (08.01.1901) are antiques. There are also pictures that can be viewed on my my space page. And who feels like they can also live together with the equipment by CG . Experience We stand on 29 + 30.07.2009 in the studio of the new buildings on On 08.08.2009 in the house then Schwarzenberg Escescloraque. Should be recorded multiple platforms simultaneously, all must be connected with Studio + video technology together, It will be interesting. Just published in the London Art Yard Lable "Berliner Ring" orbital, see Spex July / August 2009. Ahoy mo …

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