Moog Little Phatty Tutorial With Jordan Rudess

This is a comprehensive collection of video tutorials for the Moog Music Little Phatty synthesizer.

In the first part, Jordan Rudess gives a quick overview of the sonic magic possible with a Moog Little Phatty, FreqBox and CP-251.

Rudess shows off the incredible functionality of the classic Moog filter in the Little Phatty.

In this segment, Ruddess gives some tips on using the LP’s note triggering options to develop your playing technique.

Ruddess shows some amazing tricks using the Little Phatty’s ergonomically placed octave switches.

Ruddess explains how the Little Phatty lets him take advantage of his favorite pitch-bending techniques.

In this segment, Jordan shows some great Moog Bass techniques.

Ruddess give some great tips on using glide (portamento) in lead lines and explains how the Little Phatty’s unique features connect players to this important expressive capability.

Finally, Ruddess demonstrates the powerful sonic and expressive uses of oscillator sync.

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