Tara Says Buy My Box Set And I’ll Send You A Personal Polaroid! Meow!

Tara Deserves A Merit Badge, Don't You Think?

Synthtopia regular, blogger, remixer and synth geek chanteuse Tara Busch sends word about a very cool limited edition box set of her debut album, Pilfershire Lane:

Maf (Lewis) & I were given the freedom to fill the box with whatever our hearts could dream up.

As the album was complete, Maf let rip his exquisite design sensibilities to come up with 3 more luscious gems with which to fill the box:

  • a one off Polaroid 600 photo
  • a beautiful 16mm film and, last but not least
  • a stainless steel pop- up model of my stage set-up with interchangeable face plates for the synths. This also includes a recordable mini sampler circuit for the model, complete with a microphone and speaker..

The pop up model is presented in the box as a kit that you get to assemble (And of course we encourage all the circuit bending & hot rodding & modding to your hearts content!)!

This thing looks like $50 of cool.

Busch has put together some great music on Pilfershire Lane and, with Lewis, has come up with fun artifacts for the box set. Putting a Polaroid and the film segment in the box makes each set unique. And the pop-up model lets you complete a process that Lewis and Busch started.

Details on the box set below. And, if you’re not familiar with Busch’s music , check out her video for This Is Love.


Here’s what’s in Busch’s box set:

  • CD Copy of Tara Busch’s debut solo album, Pilfershire Lane, with deluxe digipack cover.
  • A 7″ × 7″ stainless steel mini popup stage set. This includes working microphone, speaker and circuit with record and play feature. The set comes with popup Korg MS-20 and Minimoog, but also included are interchangeable stainless steel face plates for the Buchla 200e, MacBeth M5, Analogue Solutions Vostok, ARP Odyssey, Micromoog and Moog Etherwave Theremin.
  • A 100th cut strip of a 16MM B&W film created specifically for the box set. This 16mm movie is the only copy that will ever exist and is cut equally between the 100 boxes.
  • An original one-off Polaroid 600 picture of Tara taken at her studio in Los Angeles.
  • Certificate Of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist
  • All in a beautifully made 7″ × 7″ × 2″ rigid cardboard box.

The box set is limited to 100, and is available at Tummy Touch records for £29.99, which includes shipping any where in the world.


  • Over The Radio
  • Pilfershire Lane
  • Third Speed
  • Imaginary Audience
  • Superfriends
  • Get Drunk & Fuck
  • Pour The Bottle
  • Tag
  • This is Love
  • We Can See Mars

3 thoughts on “Tara Says Buy My Box Set And I’ll Send You A Personal Polaroid! Meow!

  1. Well, I kinda agree. I won't comment on her talent (because I think she has some) but I really don't like this new "blog guerilla marketing" trend. I mean, come on guys, I hate TV because of advertising, I hate commercial music websites for the bullshit gear reviews payed by the big corporations, and when finally, I think I've found a safe harbor with what looks like an independant mind, I still have to endure Tara Busch.

    It has nothing to do with sexism or assholism.

  2. I guess you only get to opine if you only say "nice" things or you are classified a sexist asshole. That girl is pretty and that's what so many of us look at. She seems like an intelligent person and she's a real sweetheart as well. Bet she knows it and I bet she continues to sale it. I would too, and so would everyone else who has come to grips with the world we live in. Haven't seen anyone yet in the business that does not.

    By the way, I am a supreme Sexist. Not just my asshole (UOOOH!) but my whole being; and by God, I feel so good about it!

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