No Money For New Gear? ARDJ Lets You DJ With Scraps Of Paper!

Times are touch, life is hard, and if you’re like me, you’re making your gear choices very carefully.

New technology, though, offers an alternative to expensive gear, effectively letting you laser print your music gear.

Check out ARDJ (Augmented Reality DJ) – an experimental DJ control system. By choosing which printed symbols are placed in the playing area, and how they are placed, you control the playback of audio loops.

See our previous post on augmented reality DJ scratching, for another example of how computers and cheap video cameras are changing music-making.

via djayuh:

ARDJ is a system designed to put creative control of DJ-style performance into the hands of the viewer. This work incorporates a simple, and virtually no-cost interface into a digital music workstation making use of Augmented Reality technology. Along with the technological aspects, the work challenges conventional ideas regarding performance, song structure, and interactivity between music consumer and producer.

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