Photonics – A 3D Interactive Electronic Symphony

Photophonics is an audiovisual installation by Bruno Mathez and Mike Blow. It was shown at the “Sonic Art” exhibition at The Blank Gallery in Brighton, part of the Brighton Fringe, in May 2009.

According to Blow & Mathez:

Photophonics is the first result of Bruno’s 3d video-projection mapping experiments. It is a ‘dispersed instrument’ with a number of electronic oscillators created by Mike, positioned on architectural elements of the dark performance space. Each one emits sound in direct response to light. A visual score is played, transforming the space into an hypnotic audiovisual experience.

You can find some of Mike blow’s work at

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One thought on “Photonics – A 3D Interactive Electronic Symphony

  1. Thanks to show our installation vid in your website, Mike and I were very pleased to find it there. We'll keep you posted about our next exhibition showing "Photophonics"
    All the best
    Bruno Mathez

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