BugBrand CTL1 – Touch Panel v2

This is an video demo of the new BugBrand CTL1 – Touch Panel v2, a modular synth touch controller.

via BugBrand:

Here’s an overview of the newly updated CTL1 Touch Panel – one of the most unique and fun parts of the BugBrand Modular system.

The initial idea came from an article published in Synapse Magazine in the 70s, but that is now a distant relative of this module. The 1st version was fun – with two ‘Preset’ rows, ‘Pressure’ CV outputs etc – but before production I wanted to update things a bit.

The little update turned into a full rebuild!

It is now based on a kind of Sequencing core (uses the 4516 chip – tech geeks) – the Touch & Preset part still behaves the same (though has different circuitry) but this now has the great addition of four step sequencing – play it forwards or backwards, at seq. rates or at audio rates. This thing is versatile and FUN.

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