Now Available On Your iPhone: Novation AutoMap

Novation has announced that Automap for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available (App Store link).

The video above offers an overview of using Novation Automap for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Combined with Novation’s Automap 3 software, the $2.99 Automap app provides two horizontal faders and eight buttons per page, displayed on a single iPhone or iPod touch screen. The number of pages, and thus controls, is unlimited.

Note: Automap for iPhone / iPod touch works in conjunction with Automap, which needs to be installed on your computer. You can upgrade the Automap software on your computer from Standard (which is free) to PRO, by downloading and purchasing from


  • Turn your iPhone / iPod touch into a MIDI controller, with multiple faders and buttons easily assigned to parameters in any software that allows MIDI control, and even some that don’t.
  • Instant, wireless, palm-sized control of all automatable VST, AU or Pro Tools format plug-ins in any DAW.
  • See at a glance how every control on your iPhone / iPod touch is assigned, both on the iPhone / iPod touch itself, and across your computer screen.
  • Make and delete assignments directly from your computer screen using “Click-Touch-Assign” facilities.
  • Ideal for remote track arming and muting, transport and master level controls in a growing number of supported DAWs. (Control these elements in non-supported DAWs using separate dedicated Automap systems, or your own custom mappings.)
  • Get to the right software fast. Control maps are automatically placed into categories depending on type (instrument, mixer etc.) for quick and easy browsing and selection with hardware or software.

Additional features in Automap PRO include:

  • Place the shortcut power of your QWERTY keyboard in your iPhone / iPod touch. Automap 3 PRO can assign almost any computer keyboard shortcut, and combinations thereof.
  • Use your iPhone / iPod touch alongside any other Automap compatible hardware controller, perfectly integrated for seamless control. DRAG AND DROP Make control re-assignment directly from your computer screen by simply dragging and dropping controls from within the Automap heads-up GUI.

11 thoughts on “Now Available On Your iPhone: Novation AutoMap

  1. it works great, resolution is very precise and latency is not noticable

    i´ve allready included it in my workflow, automation (correctly following on your iphone), controlling vsts

    you can also switch it to HUI so you can use it for controlling your sequencer

    together with automap-software for pc this is a killer-app!

  2. Ok, you're right. Really.

    I'm just so tired of the whole iphone stuff. No matter where I go, all I see is iphone this and iphone that. For me It's still just a phone, that's why the whole (enormous) hype is really difficult to understand. I find myself pretty open to new things concerning new technology and specially music softwares and stuff but for me it's quite impossible imagine myself playing something on such small screen while I have double 20" lcd screens and powerful pc are available 24/7, although these iphone softs are just for fun, aren't they?

    A little Oftopic: Another thing which bothers me is the way most of todays software (ui+vst) and hardware are made: Very or too easy to use, lots of 99% completed sounds, programs and riffs ready to bang – in other words it's all already done for you, not by you. How about using eJay right away?

    And the way they're promoted and seen in public view, that really makes me sick. My point is it just strengthes the people's idea of the matter of how easy it is making electronic music – by pressing just one or two buttons (exporting included). This is really bad for real electronic musicians and those who really tries to save the subject.

    Feel better now. Sorry my bad english.
    – Josh

  3. I have a Nokia E71… ๐Ÿ™

    On a long contract… ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    Are all of these apps also fully functional on the iPod Touch?

  4. latency is very good, like you where using a normal midicontroller, you touch a button on your iphone / ipod touch ->your sequenzer recognizes it instantly, so if you have good latency on your normal keyboard/midi-controller then you should have no problem

    you need a WiFi Connection, don´t now how important it is to have a good router, but mine is a newer one, which works great, so i can controll vsts in any room, also without noticable latency

    i made a thread here on technoboard with my test, here you can also download my auomap file for ableton

  5. So it uses a WiFi connection… limited utility, then, for me. I keep all networking OFF on my DAW because they are resource hogs. Not to mention portals for internet scumbags…

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