1 Year Of iPhone Music Software

This video, via software developer Amidio, celebrates 1 year of their development of iPhone music software.

In that time, iPhone music software has gone from being a novelty to being a practical option for mobile music creation.

Apps used: JR Hexatone Pro, Noise.io Pro, Star Guitar Pro, Star Piano Pro, Star Melody.

via AmidioInc:

This a landmark video for Amidio Inc, since exactly 1 year ago we published our first video of Noise.io iPhone synthesizer (in early beta).

Now, 1 year since that, we have created 5 music apps, that can be used together to produce a full-blown track. This video shows you a tiny bit of what’s possible. All sounds generated on the iPhone and then sent through an FX processor.

We really think that handheld mobile devices – with the iPhone being the first of them – are the key to the future of music creation and are strongly inclined to continue developing revolutionary music applications.

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