Amazing Augmented Reality DJ Mixer

Check out this insanity!

The 5 Gum Augmented Reality Music Mixer uses augmented reality – the idea of combining real world and computer-generated 3D graphics in real-time – to create a virtual DJ mixer that you control with controller “glyphs”.

The glyphs are used as the input device and allow users to:

  • Change the volumes of each track by moving the glyph relative to the central reference glyph.
  • Modify the tracks themselves by rotating the glyphs on their axis. This will add distortion, bit crusher and echo effects.
  • Remove the audio track from the mix by covering or removing the glyphs.

The project is part of Wrigley’s 5 Gum “Stimulates Your Senses”promotion.

The technology

The Wrigley 5 Gum project utilises Releas3D, which combines:

  • Flash
  • Papervision 3D
  • 2D video technology and workflow
  • Augmented Reality technology
  • An Entity/Resource Management system
  • Video Capture and Encoding system


  • 15 music tracks to create your own mix
  • 3 animated flavour orbs
  • Control volume and add effects: distortion, bit crusher, echo
  • Record, add to gallery and share your mix
  • Vote for your favourite mixes
  • No software downloads
  • No security warnings
  • No browser restrictions
  • No platform restrictions

3 thoughts on “Amazing Augmented Reality DJ Mixer

  1. can you imagine that this, AND the companion iPhone app plus the tools on the website were all created to promote a new brand of chewing-gum? I'm not sure what these people thing they are doing, but thanks for the free tools anyway!

    (Check their website for some mad launch party madness in Spain videos). All this funding for chewing-gum!

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