Sample Logic Intros Morphestra Cinematic Orchestra


Sample Logic have introduced Morphestra the Cinematic Orchestra – a “powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic ensembles derived from orchestral recordings.”

Morphestra is a collection of over 23 GB and 1100+ instruments and multis, powered by Kontakt Player. Sample Logic has tried to create a modern day virtual instrument that goes above and beyond any orchestral/effectual sample library geared for film, TV and game composers.

Sounds have been recorded from all over the world and include: Strings, Brass, Winds, Symphonic/World percussion, Vocals, Guitars, Waterphone, Animals, Warehouses, Tools, Machinery and an entire realm of World/Ethnic instruments.We then manipulated these sounds using various proprietary Sample Logic techniques and combined them with multiple electronic synthesis elements to create new, organic, never-before-heard instruments and ensembles.

Morphestra  comes pre-installed on a portable 80 GB Glyph hard drive. It’s expected to ship in October and retail fro $699.

8 thoughts on “Sample Logic Intros Morphestra Cinematic Orchestra

  1. Seems priced about $200 too high, would like to see a basic version for $399 with the option for additional add-ons. LOVE the fact that it ships on a hard drive though, very cool.

  2. Sound cool and if it's double the goodness of their previous products then its worth the value, especially with the hard drive.

  3. Agree with Rob. This should be about $499 I’d think, even with the HD, as it’s really competing with something like Heavocity’s Evolve (+expansion), or Omnisphere perhaps. Though I do realize the library is much bigger, I just think a lot of people are going to shy away from that price.

    One thing nice about the hard drive is that we’ll likely see less pirated copies.

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