Apple Logic Express 9 – The Best Entry-Level DAW?

apple-logic-express-9Apple has released Logic Express 9, the entry-level version of its industry standard DAW, Logic Pro.

Like the new version of Logic Pro Studio, Logic Express 9 adds a variety of features for guitarists and flex time, Apple’s tools for editing the timing and tempo of recorded audio.

Features include:

  • More than 70 studio-quality effect plug-ins, including vintage and modern compressors, delays, reverbs, and more;
  • New Amp Designer plug-in to help you re-create the sound of 25 legendary amps and 25 speaker cabinets;
  • New Pedalboard plug-in with an assortment of 30 virtual stompbox pedals inspired by the classics;
  • 36 software instrument plug-ins, including the Ultrabeat drum synth and beatbox, ES2 synth, and EXS24 sampler.

At$199.99, and featuring most of the power of the very competitively priced Logic Pro, Logic Express 9 may be the best deal in entry-level DAWs.

If you’ve used Logic Express 9, leave a comment with your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Apple Logic Express 9 – The Best Entry-Level DAW?

  1. I paid $300 for (the severely crippled) Express 7. Then I got to pay $100 to upgrade to 8 (not crippled at all, functional equivalent of Logic Studio … minus outboard apps.) So yeah … it's a very good deal for $200 … and if you add the Jam Packs (were $100, now floating around out there for <<<less) you'll have even more instruments and samples. It'll keep you busy and sounding quite good for a few years.
    (If you have a PPC Mac, tho, 9 won't work on it … maybe you can catch a Logic 8 closeout.)

  2. Logic Express 9 is far and away the best DAW I've ever used. And I've used them all, including Cubase, Nuendo and Sonar. I was skeptical about Logic for a long time, but when I finally bought a Mac and tried express out (starting with 8), I was floored at how intuitive the program is. Then I bought a few video tutorials and was really able to explore its power.

    There's no real difference between Pro and Express, except that Express is missing a couple of plug-ins. But only a couple, and the plug-ins that are included are MORE than most musicians need. It would be very easy to produce an album with this DAW. I can't recommend it more highly.

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