Armin van Buuren – Shivers

Armin van Buuren is back, with a video for his track Shivers.

A lot of people are going to hate this video and for good reasons:

  • It starts with the slow motion babe shots and then quickly introduces the theme of the slow motion babe missing van Buuren
  • Slow motion babe takes time out to dream about van Buuren
  • Time out – for the slow motion babe to get naked and wet in slow motion, and then…..
  • OMG! He’s in the f***** shower!
  • But it was just a dream….not a creepy stalking incident.
  • Oh yeah – it’s mainstream trance!
  • Slow motion babe finds hope for redemption at the end.

Yes – it’s formulaic – and long-time Synthtopia readers know that we tend to like videos that involve DJing with decapitated heads, thousands of Legos reproducing classic 8-bit graphics or Thriller in the Nude.

But you know what? van Buuren totally nails this sh**. He’s committed. If you want to make trance, you could do worse than to study everything van Buuren does.

I’m not sure if there’s anything to be learned from this – but if you’re laboring away making music in an obscure electronic niche, you might want to consider adding slow motion babe/hunk shots to your next video.

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5 thoughts on “Armin van Buuren – Shivers

  1. I don't mind people dancing at a club if there's some memorable twist to set it apart from all the rest. The same thing goes for the music itself — simple techniques like using supersaws in pentatonic formation haven't been used enough, yet would attach a gravity of a FAMILIAR sound + UNIQUE exploration.

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