Can You Put A Price On Skull-Melting Chaos?

valhalla_dsp_logoSean Costello, the developer behind Audio Damage’s Eos reverb plugin, has an awesome logo for his company, Valhalla DSP, and an awesome freebie to introduce you to his work.

ValhallaFreqEcho is a free audio VST for Mac & PC that “combines a Bode-style frequency shifter with analog echo emulation to create skull melting chaos.”

That’s right – “skull-melting chaos”.

Can you put a price on skull-melting chaos?

You’ll never know until you download this bad boy.

Give it a try and then leave a comment with your thoughts. And if you create an audio demo, leave a link!

Download here.


Sonic results range from subtle chorusing and double tracking, to barberpole phasing and flanging, to runaway echos spinning through your skull, to endless glissandos. Perfect for those Dr. Who sounds, dub, and all of your psychedelic needs.

An OSX AU is planned.

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