How To Make A Guitar Sound Like A Mellotron

Electro-Harmonix Effectology , Vol.6 The Mellotron

The Electro-Harmonix Effectology is pretty insane – every episode they use their pedals to make a guitar sound like an awesome synth keyboard……which kind of makes you think……..

Meanwhile, keyboardists are strapping on keytars and using sampled guitar sounds….

Impressive work, though!

via Effectology:

Welcome to Electro-Harmonix’s “Effectology” series, in which we create a remarkable collection of sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals!
No keyboards,samplers or midi pickups were used.

In today’s episode studio musician Bill Ruppert creates sounds of the vintage Mellotron MKII keyboard

EHX Pedals featured:Soul Preacher,POG2, Poly Chorus and the Stereo Memory Man,

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