10 thoughts on “Roland Juno Di Synthesizer Review

  1. This specs on this synth are so close to what I need, but it has a dealbreaker: no expression pedal jack. It's like buying a car that doesn't have a steering wheel.

    1. Hi, when you say an expression pedal, I asume you meen to control volume. Most synths at this price range don't have due to cost. Their are ways around this problem. A inline volume pedal would give you control like on the old organs but if yor are using midifiles ect this will effect the complete output. You could get a midi expression pedal that plugs into the midi in port. These tend to be very expencive and tend to cause more problems with midi channal settings ect. The third option would be to look around for a Fantom X6. Because of the new G series you could probably pick up an X6 for around half price or check out the Juno Stage. Hope this was some help

  2. Hi Guys, here comes a video which has taken on Soundquest 2009 music fair in Hungary. http://vimeo.com/6963882 . It's in Hungarian, but you see / hear the main things. This guy also demoed a Juno G / Stage and Fantom G7 last year. He's a key guy of Karmatronic, which wrotes and mixes songs for Beyoncé, you hear a little part from one of her song. It's not official, but if you see the smile while he playing, you can decide who wrote the song 😉

  3. i wish to buy a juno di……..what is your opinion?????????? is it china made…….or can we believe it and buy??????????/

  4. After reading several reviews, I am seriously looking to pick one of these up–I’ve been working on ideas for music tracks (I’m a pro video producer) similar to others I’ve heard….from the YouTube videos, this synth makes some great sounds…can’t be beat for the price, can use with a computer, and Roland is a reputable manufacturer. It looks like the old-school Juno models, one of the reasons it caught my eye…

  5. Just won one of these on eBay…after waiting six years to get one, I finally found one and it was worth waiting for! Over 1,000 sounds to choose from, giving one plenty of ways to be creative, have yet to experiment with the editing software, but I’m sure it’ll be something good to work with. I’ve read many reviews, most are positive, some downright negative, but you can’t please everyone.

    Now with two synths in my studio (also have a Casio CZ-5000), can finally produce music tracks for video productions, keep re-discovering my passion for music and find new ways to be creative like other musicians. Roland has made many fine musical instruments, this completes the legendary Juno line.

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